Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BlogToFit update

OK so after feeling a little pleased with myself that I didn't go OTT at Thanksgiving (except with the G&Ts.) I made a big step for BlogToFit this week and got on the scales. I also made some big mistakes - I ate McDonald's for dinner last night. Yes, 'Ouch!' said my hips as another 2lbs of pure fast-food fat crashed onto them.

So feeling bad for my innards, I gingerly dusted down the scales this morning and decided today was the day to find out the truth about how much of a Victoria sponge my muffin top (MT) has become.

I did as all my fellow BlogToFitters advise and had a big wee (a horses wee, Dave?) before I stepped on. Plus I went an extra inch to hopefully save some inches, and shaved my legs and under my arms too. Well, all that winter fur must add to 5lbs surely?

Apparently not. Am not quite as beyond my goal weight as I thought I was, but am also a bit shocked at how the lbs have crept on since the summer, when I last weighed myself.

So, here are the stats:

Starting weight: 125lbs (8 stone 9lbs)
Goal weight: 112lbs (8 stone - pre-babies weight)
Weight last week: N/A (Didn't have the guts to get on the scales!)
Weight this week : 125lbs
Weight lost: N/A
Cookies eaten in a week: 4 (This I am very pleased about as it's usually 2 or 3 a day.)
Exercise: Didn't do so well with this. When I went to the gym, it was closed for refurbishments. (Shows I go so infrequently, that I'd missed the notices warning of impending closure.) But, I did play in the snow twice with the kids, dragging them up the sledging hill and running about, sweating in all my Thinsulate, so I figure that would have knocked some of the evil MT off its perch!

I'll update my stats every Wednesday with the others over at BlogToFit, and hopefully I'll see some improvement in the next six months. I haven't set myself a deadline, but it would be nice to feel back to pre-baby weight by next summer.

I've done it before, two years ago, when Monkey was six months old and we were going to England for Christmas to show him off. I was determined to lose all the baby fat and turn up in the UK looking a Yummy-Mummy. And I walked and walked and walked with the double stroller/pushchair until every last baby pound dropped off. (The jetlag though obviously did nada to help achieve said Yummy-Mummy look. I was more Herman blimmin' Munster's twin for the first five days.)

Plus, I piled all the weight back one with one tin of Roses and several Terry's Chocolate Oranges mind you, but, for the few hours as we flew home and kissed our family and friends hello, my muffin top (MT) took a sabbatical. On the flight back to the US though, MT decided to settle his feet nicely atop the desk again and I haven't been able to fire him since.

Until BlogToFit. And now, even though MT is putting up resistance, with the team of support behind me, I feel I might just be able to finally kick that b*stard's ass once and for all!


  1. This is me whooping and high fiving you Mom/Mum!

    I am so p***ed I didn't think of the shaving thing before weighing in. I am SO doing that next Wednesday.

  2. I may have to head over there and join you. Sounds like a good laugh as well as I'd get some motivation to lose this stone of baby weight I'm still packing on my muffin top! :-P

  3. Tara- thank you - I can hear the whoops across the Atlantic.
    Next week i might have to take the shaving thing a whole lot further and call the logging trucks in to remove the lurking around the lady pocket. Am sure that'll shed some weight!!!

  4. crunchie - It's a great place to feel motivated, plus definitely is a laugh too and if I'm not laughing (mostly at myself when i am naked and look in the mirror) then it's just not worth it, in my book!

  5. You go girl! I had to resort to Weight Watchers after my third child was six months and couldn't shift the --gasp--two stone I had kept on after her birth. I lost it and it stayed off but it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to face. I think the main thing is to write it all down and really keep track of what you are eating. It's so easy, even now, to pick off your kids plate!

  6. Thanks Audrey - writing down what I eat is a great idea as you're right, leftover kids food is far too tempting...

  7. 125lbs? Um, you are tiny already!!!!