Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa for Hire?

Santa gave me his business card today. Seriously. He slipped it into my palm as my youngest, Monkey, sat upon his knee, telling the big white beard all of his Christmas wishes.

As Monkey gazed adoringly into Mr C's eyes, I looked at the business card he managed to hand me in exchange for my son to climb upon his knee.

'Clowns, magicians, pony rides, Carnival games, train rides....' Gosh, Santa has had to branch out. And however cheeky this little maneuver was, I suppose he did have a captive audience in which to network. Guess the tough economic climate has made even the inhabitants of the North Pole feel the pinch this year eh?


  1. Fantastic!

    I'm surprised Santa isn't on Facebook and Twitter, now that ye olde social networking is all the rage for marketing....who knows, he might even be a blogger?

    Merry Christmas. x

  2. Hahah NVG. Bet he's got his own APPS too! Merry Christmas to you too. xx

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  4. I'm sure the branching out had to do with him being sick of the cold and wanting to get a place somewhere tropical. With year-round work in the entertainment industry, he can easily afford to travel back to the North Pole to check on the elves and Christmas prep.

  5. No posts for a while? Hope all is well!

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    Merry Christmas and hope you have a brilliant year ahead

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