Monday, November 24, 2008

HRH Mummy

Tonight as eldest offspring, Cheeky, was getting ready for bed, he comes to me and says,

Your Majesty, please can you help me with my pyjamas?

Shock. Horror.

Hurray! My Family Hierarchy Bootcamp for Toddlers worked!

Job done.


  1. When mine were little and they didn't say please I would prompt them with "what do you say ?"

    and I'd quite often get the Holy Trinity of

    "Please, thankyou, sorry" in a quizzical tone

  2. The things they come out with....

    Mine say 'sorry Mummy' when I've done something to myself, like tripped over or banged my elbow, which has nothing to do with them!

  3. AG - that's so funny! I just love what they come out with sometimes!

    MITC - no, but he passed me my crown and scepter.

    NVG - I love that! Bless. Reflex apologies...!

  4. Is he saying you're about 70 years old with a passion for beige?

    I think it's all those times daddy says he's going to use the 'throne room'!

  5. Priceless. My 5 year old came out with "Your wish is my command" this morning. If only it were true!

  6. Aah he thinks you are his queen. How cute!! Now, you just have to get him to train the husband to refer to you in that manner and you'll be sorted...

  7. Tara - blimey - I hope not! I know I've let myself go a tad lately, but beige with my skintone??? And if i look 70, I might as well give up now!

    EP - So finny - let's hope he keeps up that sentiment for you!

    CTTF - Exactly!!

  8. Well done! Now if you can only send your husband to the same bootcamp you'd be sorted!