Friday, November 14, 2008

Share and Share alike..

I've been tagged by two bloggers I totally adore, Tarte Tartan and A Confused Take That Fan to share seven random facts about myself. So here goes...

1. I am a leftie. Left-handed that is. I've been told all the best people are, but hey I know some pretty lush righties too.

2. I once slow-danced with Sophie Dahl at an after-hours lock-in at a swanky London celeb hangout. Not that I had romantic inclinations towards her, or her to me, but she asked and as I'd had one too many cocktails, who was I to refuse an A-lister? We looked utterly ridiculous. She is 5' 11". I am 5' 2"....

3. I have never been able to finish a copy of Watership Down or watch the movie to the end. It has me in floods of tears. Every. Single. Time.

4. My parents live in Spain. Up a mountain. So I don't have a 'home' to go to in the UK anymore. Sniff.

5. My first pet that I was solely responsible for (aged 6) was a goldfish named, 'Goldie.' Not very inventive, but he was actually named after a Blue Peter dog. I manged to kill him by over-feeding him. Luckily, I've had more success at raising children and they are both alive and well you'll be pleased to know.

6. When I was 13 I purchased a bottle of Sun-In from Boots in an attempt to lighten up (in so many more ways than one)! I didn't bother with the instructions, poured the lot on and blasted my mane with a hairdryer. My hair turned orange and I was the laughing stock of the school for the rest of that year, especially as I then permed my mop to try and disguise the bad dye job. The result was an uncanny resemble to orphan Annie.

7. (This one's included especially for A Confused Take That Fan)

Once, after getting invited to a prestigious UK music awards VIP after-show party, I rocked up in my bad jeans and and The Office Jumper, worn inside-out (probably to conceal the coffee stains). The jumper was a manky grey hoody promoting 1998 James Van Der Beek's terrible movie, Varsity Blues. Not being a slave to fashion, I merely looked like a slave to homelessness. It was not a fashion highlight and even my editor looked like he was ashamed to talk to me. (Were you ashamed of me too ACTTF)? I sooo should have gone for the Karen Millen frock and a pair of heels. No wonder I didn't pull Liam Gallagher....I still have the jumper. I still wear the jumper. It still rates 10/10 for comfort and doesn't look quite so out of place with PJs.

And to pass the baton on, I'm tagging Tara at her new blog-home,
Sticky Fingers and one of my favourite Daddy bloggers, Clark Kent's Lunchbox


  1. ok - those are funny and you are devious.

  2. ck - mois? devious?!
    ag - ahh bless you my dear x

  3. Ha ha. You make me laugh. I didn't know about Sophie D story...
    And everyone had the disasterous sun in story (except me, my mum would never have allowed it).
    That jumper. We hadn't known each other long, and here was a girl walking around at music industry awards in an inside out baggy jumper. Did you even have make up on?? From what I remember, you rarely shaved your legs then, and never wore matching underwear. To my horror. Now I am that girl...ha ha, so funny. What I remember most of all though is no matter that you were in an inside out jumper, we had the best, most drunken night, with a huge amount of laughter.
    I miss you too much

  4. oh dearest dearest CCTTF - I remember having a blast with you that night, and many other nights too. You'll be pleased to know you actually changed my life, for after witnessing your horror at my hairy legs and mis-matched undies, for the past 10+ years I have shaved regularly (except in extreme Michigan snow) and own more matching underwear than Victoria Secrets.
    I can't promise you I always wear matching sets every day mind you, but i'm trying!
    however, I do moisturise my elbows every night before I put on that grey hoody, and i never did that before I knew you!

  5. Brilliant. I had similar experiences with Sun-In, except mine went super bleached blonde in just one patch, and orange in the rest. My mum had to take me to the hairdressers for a repair highlights job....

  6. Small Child is a leftie too.... must be a sign of inner genius! And I love hearing stories from your rock'n'roll former life...Slow dancing Sophie Dahl eh? Perhaps she was rehearsing for when she smooches with Jamie Cullam, her pocket sized boyfriend?
    I am still sulking that I was never allowed to buy Sun-in, tho I did make up for it when I was 18 by going for a cropped bleached white hair-do a la the bird from Roxette!

  7. Excellent. Especially like the hair image, we've all done something like that...MH

  8. VG- your mum was more understanding than mine then, cos I was left to grow it out as my punishment! Charming.

    TG - Obviously Sophie decided pocket-sized dance partners were da bomb after that! So with jamie, she's found her perfect match.
    love the fact we all seem to go through the dye stage. I wanted the Roxette look - but was never brave enough.
    Now it's just dye to cover up the grey!

    MH - Must be a right of passage mustn't it?!

  9. EP = That's me. don't even get me started on The Lion King!

  10. Oh God.

    Everywhere I turn women are talking about boobs, dancing with heads tucked into some model's cleavage or matching underwear.

    I'm forty years old. I could easily have a heart attack you know!


  11. Ah but Dave, you wont have a heart attack now you have blogtofit eh?? We are all expecting pert breasts from all 3 of you v soon!

  12. Yep, you're definitely trying to kill me!

  13. OK - so I'm a little late with this but this coming Monday my debt will be paid. Thanks for my red face in advance =-)