Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

OK, so this post is loooonng overdue. I've neglected my blog big style over the Christmas holidays, but with a new year comes a new blog vigour and the intention to update more regularly than I have the past three weeks.

I have good reasons why I've been so absent of late:

1. The parents arrived and completely hogged my time and my computer. Bless them.

2. Cheeky turned four and with it all the usual craziness and party organisation a birthday brings, times 10, it being at Christmastime too.

3. I've learnt to knit. It is taking me hours just to knit a few rows and is far too annoying to be called a relaxing hobby for me. So far. But I gave in to friend and mother pressure. Silly me.

4. I've been on a mini vacation. Me and Him Downstairs took our first holiday as a couple in over four years. It was actually a belated honeymoon as we never got one, and we upped and left the boys with Grandma and Pops for the first time, ever. More of that trip later.

5. Having family to stay for three weeks is pure physical exhaustion. By the time I crawl into bed alone with the laptop, I'm in the land of nod faster than you can say, blog! Between entertaining Mum and Dad, the boys, Him Indoors and shovelling the ridiculous amount of snow we're having, shaving my legs and blogging have slipped of my 'will-do' list.

However, one of my New Year resolutions is to come back to blogland. I've missed you all and missed my sessions reading all your posts.

I also have to be brave and step on the scales to see what the Christmas damage is for BlogToFit. But that shocker, I think I'll save for another day.

For now, Happy New Year to you all. I'm off to throw myself down a 55ft refridgerated toboggan run, all in the name of family fun!


  1. Welcome back, and Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year to you and yours, feeling fairly guilty that I am currently lounging on a bed eating my body weight in maltesers and fruit and nut toblerone and not toboganning

    However himself and I did go for a run on Tuesday, which is plenty, I feel xx

  3. Very jealous of number 4. We've achieved that once in almost 19 years, and even that was really a business trip where the wives were allowed.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year! Sounds like you've had a good Christmas holiday, so you're excused!! Best wishes for 2009 xx

  5. Knitting? You said knitting right?

    Great to have you back in the saddle so to speak.
    See you at Blog To Fit for some New Year weight loss successes.
    I am SO going to do it this year. Have given myself a good talking to and everything!

    Knitting . . . .

  6. Happy new year to you too - the tobogganing sounds rather fun!

  7. Happy New Year and a very warm welcome back! I think all excuses listed are valid and totally acceptable reasons for lack of blogging! Was this the New York trip? Can't wait to hear about it as my obsession for the place is still growing! And knitting? How very trendy! Apparently all the celebs do it! x

  8. Welcome back Happy New Years. Ya gotta love family time. I CAN'T wait till we get enough snow to go sledding. :D Hope your mini vacation was great cant wait to hear all about it.....well maybe not ALL about it LOL

  9. I don't know which takes more courage - the Cresta Run or Blog to Fit!

  10. Happy New Year M/M.

    Now if you'd taken up pot-holing I'd have been impressed, but knitting just leaves me cold, unless it's a scarf. Does scarf have an e at the end? I feel too lazy to proof read or check my spelling today, but not so lazy that I can't ramble on filling the screen with utter twaddle. :)

  11. NSM - Thank you and happy new year to you too!

    AG - Maltesers? You teaser! have to admit, I bailed on the tobogganing after i wrote that and opted for the couch and Love Actually instead!

    EM - HNY to you. Yes, a trip without the kids was much needed, but boy, did we miss them as it turned out.

    AM - Exhausted sums it all up really. I need a nice long spa weekend to recover...dream on!

    Tara - yes, i did say, (sshhh) k n i t t i n g. Oh the shame according to the hubs. He finds it highly amusing, esp as i keep adding stitches to my rows, which isnt what I'm supposed to do I dont think. Maybe his scarf will be a VERY long time coming!
    hey - at least i'm burning some calories off with my fingers eh?!

    NVG - HNY to you too! Didn't make it that day in the end. But, it is the best one i've ever been on so far...

    TG? - Hello! Yes it was ther NYC trip. Totally LOVED it and great to have some couple time, and yes, get me i must be so 'with-it' now knitting and cocktails in NYC!

    April - hello! Yes we love the snow fun we get to do here. V funny to see my parents being pushed down the hills by their grandchildren. Think they've returned home a bit sore!
    And yes, I'll keep my vacation stories PG rated. (It was more PG rated than X rated anyhow, I assure you! Sightseeing leaves you rather tired..!)

    TD - Now you're talking!

    DF - hello you! Now funny you should mention pot-holing. I used to do that with my dad, when I was a yoof. So, I feel I've had my time underground, soaking wet and freezing bloody cold thank you v much. Scarves are much warmer! (no e in the singular) and keep blithering on. I love your twaddle.

  12. Wow I haven't even had half of those things going on and I haven't had time to post either. Now I really feel bad!

    My mother taught my daughters to knit last summer and they loved it. I joked that she turned them into old ladies.

    Happy New Year!

  13. There's an award waiting for you over at my place!

  14. When you have finished knitting Mrs, there's an award over at mine for you. Put me down for a scarf ;o)
    Oh and do tell us how the minibreak/honeymoon with husband went. Did you have anything to talk about but the children?? (always a worry of mine...)xxx