Friday, August 22, 2008

Him Downstairs

Him Downstairs has now left me alone for 1 1/2 hours without a single interruption. Am obviously very relieved.. It's Friday night in the land of Date Night and HD hasn't once popped upstairs to the office to see what I'm doing (thank goodness) or if I'd like a drink. Of course I want a drink! It's Friday. I've had 5 whole days on my tod (alone) with Cheeky and Monkey and I need a bloody vat of wine, let alone a glass.

This is when I miss England the most. England and LBC (Life Before Children). In LBC we'd have been down the local with our mates knocking back the Kronenbourg (him) and the Voddie tonics (me) before giggling over to the chippy on the way home for some late night Channel 4 to fall asleep in front of.

Nowadays (only 2 1/2 yrs later) I feel about 20 years older as we spend our Friday nights apart - me going goggled-eyed in front of the computer upstairs and him going square-eyed in front of the baseball (he's that desperate for footie (soccer) on the TV he'll now watch anything with a ball in it!) downstairs. We only run into each other over the toothpaste as we floss before lights out.

This would never happen in the UK - we tripped over each other all the time in less than 1500 sq ft of house! So our much larger, but no McMansion American home has a lot to answer for. It might not have a pub round the corner, but it's a great place if you want to avoid HD all night. I just wish the wine bottle wasn't so far away right now!


  1. Ohmygod, this is my life too. I'm either upstairs watching One Tree Hill or McDreamy whilst he is watching Back To The Future for the 100th time or we actually do sit in the same room but I am on the computer whilst he is watching Top Gear. I miss him sometimes. Do you?

  2. I haven't checked out One tree Hill yet. Is it good? Think last season it clashed with Desperate Housewives over here. Am sooo looking forward to all the new fall shows.

  3. sorry, TT fan I mean autumn shows!

  4. Almost American sent me over here to enjoy your Blog. Are you sure you aren't looking into our house?


  5. OK, you are a little bit american: flossing?? Every night? And you're not a dentist?