Monday, August 25, 2008

What's in a name?

You would not believe the change in me today! I know I can't.

My floors are sparkling, I've scrubbed the stainless steel in the kitchen. I found the hoover (vacuum) buried in the back of the laundry room and actually used it. All the bathrooms are gleaming. The beds are made, there's laundry in the machine and I dusted the bookcases in the family room, even the high ones. Cheeky, Monkey and I enjoyed a game of Chutes & Ladders (Snakes & Ladders) albeit by their unconventional toddler rules, plus I have also taken them for a run round the local park. (Like four-legged tail-wagging friends, the boys need their daily exercise). All this before nap time. And I've actually enjoyed it all.

Now what has bought on this sudden burst of domesticity and mummy euphoria in my usually muddled and dusty house?

One word: 'Mama'

He said it! At last.

At 6.38am this morning, my 2 1/4 yr old toddled into my bedroom saying, "Mama. Mama."

I am usually a drooling haystack-haired, sleep-coma, non-communicative mummy at that hour. but with these two words, these two very special words I've been waiting to hear from him for the last 9 months (!) I was suddenly very wide awake.

My love for son number two blossomed into an even bigger flower and I scooped him up into bed with as many kisses as I could muster. Then he frowned at me and said, "pooh."

Ah. Morning breath. He knows the word for that alright.

We'll see how long this smile stays on my face, but for right now am enjoying every minute of it. It only left briefly when I logged on for my daily dose of celeb news and read that Gwen Stefani has named her second born Zuma. Now really. Really?

Wow. It really is all in a name isn't it?


  1. Ooh love that the word pooh comes so easily to him, especially when smelling your breath. What a beautiful moment...

  2. This brought a smile to my face.

  3. thanks for stopping by you rebeckajane. Glad you enjoyed.
    And thanks for adding me confusedTTF. Mwah! xx

  4. That's it, you're pregnant. Nesting and taking offence at other children's names are the first sign. Trust me!