Friday, August 29, 2008

Whirly update

So, yesterday I took my new rotary airer and a funny spade-like contraption I found amongst Him Downstairs' tools and banged it into my lawn.

An hour and a half later I was admiring my whites basking in the 70 degree sunshine,(l actually lost myself for a mo in a reminisce with Persil commercials from life-in-the-UK). Feeling all eco-warrior, I waved a 'hello' to one of my neighbours who was approaching my back garden with a sweat-on.

Not having fenced gardens in my locale means one can tramp through one's neighbours gardens (yards) with alarming regularity.

Anyway, he says to me, "Just thought I should let you know, it's against sub-division (neighbourhood) rules to have these kind of laundry airer's visible in our yards. We don't wanna have to call the cops on ya haha."

Ha-bloody-ha indeed. He was serious.

So, later am taking the kids on a trip to buy an indoor clothes horse.

I foresee the charade this will be! Wish me luck.


  1. Oh bad luck.

    I will be majorly impressed if you find an indoor clothes airer, and I am absolutely NOT going to offer you mine, which I brought with me from Scotland. Sad reflection on my life that a clothes airer is one of my treasured possessions.

    Do we call them clothes horses in Britain? I rather think we do. Try asking for a clothes horse in Walmart and see what happens. Dare you.

    Doesn't the word 'subdivision' sound terribly mathematical for somewhere you live? Always sounds to me like it comes out of Brave New World, or something.

  2. iota - I jolly well will ask for a clothes horse in Walkmart. I could use a laugh today. it's frazzle Friday with Cheeky and Monkey in my house. (probs not helped by the fact mummy's been blogging all morning)

    'subdivision' does sound a bit too A Level maths yes, but it's also a bit more classy than 'estate' dontcha think?!

  3. How ridiculous! He sounds like a barrel of laughs.

    I would say have a look at the Lakeland catalogue - at least you can print out a picture of a clothes horse to aid the transatlantic translation!

  4. minc - please don't make me weep. How i miss the Lakeland catalogue!

  5. Hi, came via iota's blog. I have often wondered whether there were by-laws like that because you never see anyone's washing out. How annoying.

  6. You can definitely by a clothes horse here (I have gone through several) but gawd knows what they're called.

  7. expat mum - thanks for visiting. One clothes horse purchased! 'laundry airer' was it's name!
    i really enjoy your blogs btw..

  8. Oh Mummy (as I like to call you being a Brit) what lovely neighbours you have. Are you bringing down the tone of the Neighbourhood young lady? Enjoy your clothes horse (I have just packed mine away, was sick of staring at it at the end of the bed fully loaded up). Hope Cheeky and Monkey are behaving. It's that Friday feeling...

  9. It's like something off Desperate Housewives already! There is nothing more glorious than a line of whites drying in the sun - or is that just a British thing?

  10. One of the things i made sure of when we bought our current house was that washing lines were not forbidden. We have relatives who live in a development where laundry is only allowed to be hung out between certain hours of the day, and not on weekends, effectively banning it.

    Of course, 4 years later, DH has still not installed the rotary washing line we brought from our old house :-( Some neighbours just had a beautiful washing line installed, and other neighbours are already coveting it, so I think we'll be OK when we finally put ours up. I do have a clothes horse - no problem buying them around here.

  11. ccttf - frazzling Friday indeed. Cheeky and monkey now gave up on getting mummy to come away from the computer and have gone to the park with daddy. BAD MUMMY today. oops.

    tara - it's a crazy life i find myself in, just wish i had the salary of a Desperate housewife. And the body!

    almosta - i so never thought to ask the realtor about washing lines. Fool! thanks for stopping by, btw...

  12. Rediculous. Surely your neighborhood should be grateful that they actually have some sunshine in which to dry their washing. Try living in Wales at the moment! Presumably it is acceptable to contribute to global warming by using the tumble dryer instead. I'd stamp my feet if I were you and demand a community drying area.
    Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I will return!

  13. Aawh, God love you. You poor wee scone, all that sunshine but no whirly !!!

    I've got a whirly and no sun !!!

  14. I have to say I am with Adventure Mother on this one! I just wish I put my clothes out to dry in the sunshine- no chance here... even if it is dry the clouds constantly threaten.
    I loved imagining the faces behind store counters when you ask for a clothes horse...
    I can send you all the Lakeland catalogues if you want... I live a mile away from their head office.

  15. I bought mine from Isn't it so frustrating sometimes? I have a hard time just getting people to understand my accent the best of times. I bought my clothes pegs in Target, which are not, by the way, beside the washing powder or ironing boards like you'd think it would be.

    I bought clothes horse at Target. A metal one.