Monday, September 29, 2008


Places Monkey has chosen to sleep at bedtime over the past two weeks:
• In the car
• On the floor in the guest room, beside the spare bed
• In the spare bed
• Under the spare bed
• On the rocking chair in the nursery
• At the end of his brother's bed
• On the floor beside his brother’s bed
• In Mummy and Daddy’s bed (numerous times)
• On the big couch in the living room
• On the small couch in the living room
• On the floor in the living room
• On the couch in the playroom
• Under the Thomas train table in the playroom

Places Monkey has refused to go to sleep:
• His own bloody new big boy bed!

No nights lounging in front of the TV soaking up all the fab new fall shows for me. Oh no. Every night I’ve been playing a new game with my second born: musical beds. And so far I’m totally losing. Or should that be, I'm a total loser?

Give me strength for the week ahead....


  1. I have so many pictures of my two asleep just like that in their car seat!
    He looks utterly adorable. I don't believe for one minute that he is any trouble. I mean just look at him.
    Are you one of those poor women I see carrying their child on their shoulder while said child is spark out and said mum is clearly struggling to support the weight of slumbering baby!

  2. Tara - you've got me in one!(and isn't he just adorable - when he's ASLEEP!)

  3. ya, number 2 son was like that too. What we finally had to do was pit him in his car seat and swing it back and forth, and then place it in the bed... that's how he slept every night for almost 6 months.

  4. What a gorgeous little boy. Just keep repeating to yourself 'it's just a phase'.....

  5. My old flatmate was still like that aged 22 - he strangley far preferred sleeping almost anywhere (and in any position) to his own bed....

    But I'm sure your son will grown out of it!

  6. ron - that made me laugh - the lengths we go to to get them to sleep!

    vg - thank you! And yes, it better be a phase. have just sepnt an hiur trying to get him in bed for a nap. Short of tying him down this is a losing battle right now...

    mitc - Argh! don't tell me stroies like that!

  7. Yes, strength is what you need. Apparently it takes three nights to break a habit, if it doesn't break the parent beforehand. Not quite sure what I did but none of my three had many sleeping problems. I think it was fear that motivated them to stay in bed. But get them to eat vegetables??

  8. Last night my beautiful baby boy and I were having a chat, lying on my bed, he then fell asleep whilst stroking my hair, this was at 8.30, I woke up at midnight and had to put him to bed.

    Yes, this is my 13 year old rugby playing bigger than me son !!!!

  9. EP - Hmm, well I am clearly a broken parent. although last night we did manage to get him to drop off in his own bed, but not before 9.45pm byu which time i'd given up on the idea of having an actual evening to myself.

    AG - Ahhh, that's so sweet. He obviously still loves his mama lots (and you must have good muscles to move him!)

  10. Bless the Monkey... how cute?! Tho I'm sure you're not blessing him if the musical beds thing is still going on! Persevere... they get bored with torturing you eventually! Small Child materialised by my bedside (for the 5th time) one night last week to ask me if I'd heard her "really loud fart"! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!

  11. This is a familiar sounding experience!!! We eventually made a deal with Shannon that she could sleep in our bed over the weekend and her bed during the week. That was a year ago and we still get asked every night "Do I have school tomorrow Mommy!" But it seems to have worked...

  12. Ooh no, I have all this to come. We are doing the move over to big bed after Christmas and I'm dreading it, seeing as she still doesn't even sleep through the night in her cot. I imagine her wandering around the house in the dark at all hours...aaargh!

  13. Uck, we had this problem so I spent three terrible nights at one end of the new "big girl bed" (big only if you are three!) and my little one in the other end until she finally accepted that this was the deal.

    Good luck!

  14. Mom/Mom, sometimes our bed gets so full that we have to get out. I remember once when three of the four got in, me and my wife both got out and slept in their beds. Heaven help us when the fourth is able to migrate to our room.

    ps Monkey is VERY cute. I just love the tousled hair. I wish I had hair like that.

  15. New here but thought you might like

    My eldest still prefers any but but their own - allergic to peanuts and sleep!

  16. Charlie's in a sleepy phase at present, but I expect it won't last. His sister hated bed so much she said that she would burn it when she was older! (She's changed her mind now though; they all do in the end!)

  17. You have my total sympathies, Iv had this with my son for the past 6 years now.

    Iv not had a full, unbroken nights sleep in 6 years, all because my lil man hates the word bed .... Fab isnt it?

  18. My wee guy about Monkey's age, has slept at his door everynight for the last week - coninciding with The Husband's overseas work trip, nice. The gap is big enough for me to listen to his breathing under the door (to see if he's there)and every night before I go to bed, I have to push him and the door open, calm down the resulting crying and convince him that bed is much comfier. The Husband will now tell me that I've created a "pattern". Sheesh, I hate it when he's right.

  19. Hahaha- this post made me crack up. And our bathtime sounds just like yours.

    My kids however, ONLY sleep in their beds-- even if they were exhausted they would stay up no matter what (they may miss something if they fell asleep?).