Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today I've been tagged by A Confused Take That Fan. So I have to answer these 7 questions then pass the taggie on to someone else. Not wanting to be a spoil sport, here goes..

1. Where were you ten years ago?
Living in Norf Laandon (Willesden Green) with ex-boyfriend and working on a teen mag. It was a big year for me as I got made redundant and dumped on the same day. Nice! But on the up-side, it was the year I got to be a VIP at Glastonbury and report from backstage. Having a bacon butty (bacon sandwich Brit-style) with my crush at the time, Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, is forever etched on my heart.

2. What's on your To-Do list today?
Forgetful mummy that I am, I actually really did make a 'To-do' list this morning. It reads:
* Book Cheeky's storytime class at the library. (Check, I achieved this by 9.30am. Get me.)
* Email / call Mum (Will do that after I've done this.)
* Buy Him Downstairs' birthday present (Almost done this one. Have been to the clay & paint studio where the boys made a special treat for Daddy.)
* Wash kitchen floor. (Didn't really need to write this one down as our feet are sticking to it, so the sound is constant reminder.)
* Do my blog. (Check. Well done me.)
* Defrost sausages. (I just got them out of the freezer. So that's an almost done.)
* Something yellow for pre-school. (Mustn't let Cheeky be the only child without a yellow object at school tomorrow. I'll grab a bag-tie later.)
* Cookies. (Ah, this one is a whole other blog. Suffice to say, I have my Bookclub meeting tonight and I have to bake something fresh to take along. Boxed cookies will get me thrown out. Seriously.)
Clearly if I am going to cross more off this list I need to move away from the computer!

3. What if you were a Billionaire?
Gosh I just can't imagine never having to worry about money. I do wonder though if we were billionaires, would me and Him Downstairs cease arguing? Or would we just row about who left the biggest pile of cash lying about? The sensible side of me says that if I became that rich I would obviously pay off all our debts and mortgage debts of our families and loved ones. The shopaholic side of me says we would go on several wonderful family holidays, employ a cleaner and part-time nanny and me and HD would go for some decadent weekends away, full of designer shopping and 5* food! Oh and I'd buy a nice country house in England for us to stay in when we visit, so we don't have to squash all four of us into my in laws house.

4. Five places you have lived?
UK: Norfolk, South London, North London, Henley-On-Thames. USA: South West Michigan.

5. Three bad habits?
Only three?!
* A bit too potty-mouthed at times. It's been tough giving up that kind of vocabulary in front of the little people.
* Late night snacking. This has got to stop because my Muffin Top is more like a Gateaux Gut right now.
* Too stubborn. It would take a personality bypass to sort that one out.

6. Snacks you like?
Oh go on, pass me the Cadbury's. If you must...

7. Who will you tag?
I will tag two of my favourite fellow Expat bloggers, A Brit Different (because she makes me laugh and very generously bestowed another award on me today) and Expat Mum because she's as harried as the rest of us and hopefully this will be little light relief for her.


  1. Thank you, thank you. I did this one about four months ago so will pull it out again or make something more fabulous up!

  2. Very entertaining - and I just had to comment because we are huge fans of those taggie blankets. Boy #2 has 3 interchangeable ones so there can always be a relatively clean one on the go... Perfect for birth presents too... (And no, I don't work for the company. Wish I did. Might be closer to being the billionaire with the untidy piles of cash you wrote of...)

  3. Jarvis Cocker and a bacon butty. How perfect?
    Hope you managed to clean kitchen floor (I did!! Sorry to boast but it has been a while!) Night night from the UK Mom/Mum. Hope you enjoy book club (I am so jealous of all your mummy activities, PLEASE do a blog about them all and how you found out about them or set them up and what you have to do)

  4. I can just imagine your country house now, with big piles of cash left on every flat surface. There would be fist fulls of the stuff wedged in every conceivable void. It would be just like in the comedy movies when someone opens a closet door and thousands of toys spill out… only with you it would be cash.

    Good answers!

  5. The billionaire part made me laugh, I'm always perusing the real estate adds for houses in the Hamptons and Baltimore that I can buy NEAR my relatives when I come to visit. Of course that Lotto ticket needs to be won. Or bought. Preferably both.

  6. Great stuff Mom/Mum. Great to 'meet' you just a little bit more. Girl after my own heart with the Cadbury's thing too.

  7. Thanks for popping by the blog. Just got a quick read in of your latest post - just up my street - your witing is I mean. I'll be back for another read tomorrow when I get some time but I'll stick you on my blog roll so I remember. Cheers, a jolly good read.

  8. EP - Perfecto!PS Just read some excerpts from your book online and they made me laugh so hard I nearly dropped my Cadbury's!

    PM - We have a Taggie book, but it got ceremoniously dumped in favour of a brown bear! Poor Taggie.

    ACTTF - I did clean the kitchen floor and the longe, hall and dining room ones too. Now I'm just showing off! Bookclub was amusing as always. Transatlantic word block this time: 'Twee' I had to explain what I meant by that. Am going to dedicate my next post to you and write about this club.

    Dave: I wouldn't even have a safe or a fanny pack/bum bag to keep my stash in, I'd just vacuum it up along with the Godiva chocolates.

    Audrey: Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, we never buy the tickets and always complain we never win anything!

    Tara: Maybe we should join forces and start our own Cadbury's appreciation blog?

    MOB: Hello again! Thanks for coming by and the compliment. Bless you. Am sure we'll be 'seeing' each other again soon!

  9. Dave - Been dying to write the words 'fanny pack' on my blog. My British sense of humour is that childish. Thanks for giving me the lead in...
    If my US readers have no clue why this is amusing to me, please see Chapter 4 excerpts of Expat Mum's 'Rules Britannia'

  10. Reminds me of the Fanny Cradock incident. I think it was shown on some of the bloopers shows, but I could just be making it up.

    Apparently Fanny had been making doughnuts on her TV cookery show and after the show the link announcer said, “And I hope all of your doughnuts turn out like Fanny’s.”


    Don’t get me started on fanny packs. I’ll be committing blog suicide by the end of the night. Hehehe.

  11. Oh, what did us mummies do before book group, I'm in one too !!!

  12. mmmmm Cadbury's LOL

    I love your blog I'll have to add it to my list. Hey if you get those billions send some my way LOL